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The Qrignal ArtaJo's Cafe Website in XHTML

The Fixed ArtaJo's Cafe Website in XHTML

Best Practices


Use HTML5 with an "XML Serialization." This is sometimes called XHTML5, but is NOT served with the XML MIME type application/xhtml+xml. W3C calls this "Polyglot Markup." Ti is basically HTML5 doctype/namespace + XHTML well-formed syntax.

PHP commands and HTML5 tags and attributes are written in lowercase unless read by a human or a screen reader.

PHP Short Tags are Never used except for the echo short tag used in templates.

HTML attributes are written without any space next to the = sign.

HTML Markup must be written in standards compliant code and pass the HTML Validators

HTML5 elements markup should pass both pass both XHTML (except for the added HTML5 elements), and HTML5 Validation, or XHTML5 Validation.

CSS3 should pass the W3C CSS Validator

LINKS should pass the W3C LINK Validator

To make this easier I recommend using "Web Developer" Browser Extension (I use Firefox myself.).

Do NOT, EVER, put an email address on a website (removed the email address from the contact page.



Check File Sizes, some seem very large in number of bytes.

Convert to HTML5:
Replace the Doctype and HTML5 tags in the head section.
Add HTML5 Simantic tages in the Body.
Check Header Map For HTML5 Corectness.

Validate Again!
Always Revalidate after any change.

Convert to PHP
Convert ALL HTML files to PHP

Create a PHP page format that has all page requests passing one PHP Script file for security. This requires some minor .htaccess modifications.

Create a single PHP footing.php Script File for All Pages.

Create a single PHP main menu function for all pages.

Create a single PHP heading.php Script File for All Pages.

Use logical $var names with whole words seperated by underscores and lower case.


Consider styling the page with less graphics.
Menu bar (if not done above).
Footer Bar.

Moving Forward:

Create a Simple PHP Login Script.

Migrate the PHP Login Script to use a database and C.R.U.D. Class (more PHP!).

Migrate the Database and PHP Login Script to include a profile.

Build a real, but simple, website with the above skills and put it online in a production server.